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Jozef Vissel  
Jozef Vissel is a Sydney photographer whose career started in Holland as an apprentice with one of the leading commercial/industrial photographers in Amsterdam. He then worked as a photographer in England for 2 years, and in 1960 arrived in Sydney. On arrival, Jozef Vissel worked in commercial photography and then for 6 years as a stills photographer in the movie industry. After that Vissel started his own studio, working for leading companies and advertising agencies including Frank Merchant Advertising. Some assignments took me Jozef overseas and he freelanced for the Australian Tourist Commission. Finally, he worked as a photographer at Macquarie University.
Jozef Vissel: 'My work has been published in Australia, Europe, USA and in Japan, where in 1965 Asahi Magazine published my photographs in a series entitled Younger Promising Photographers
in the World. Also in 1965, I photographed Mr. Jørn Utzon, architect of the Sydney Opera House. This photograph has subsequently attracted a lot of attention, and has become something of an Australian icon. I have had two books published: The Tongans and a lighthearted publication called The Down Under T Shirt Thing.
The State of Library of New South Wales has a large collection of my work. Photographs are also held in other public institutions. I enjoy the 35 mm camera system for versatility and creativity and my preference lies in journalistic style work.
• National Portrait Gallery, Canberra.
• State Library of New South Wales, Sydney
• Sydney Opera House Trust
• Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
• Port Macquarie - Hastings Gallery
• Macquarie University
• Utzon Center – Aalborg, Denmark
Jorn Utzon multi exposed hand photograph by Jozef Vissel 1965
• An Eye for Photography - State Library of New South Wales
• National Treasures from Australia's Great Libraries - Capital Cities
• "Australian Visit"-Museum of National History at Frederiksborg, Denmark (opened by Crown Princess Mary)
• "Unseen Utzon" at the Sydney Opera House (also Paris-Rome-Cologne - Washington)
• “Utzon’s Winning Vision” at the Sydney Opera House
• Utzon’s 90th Birthday Celebration at the Utzon Center, Aalborg, Denmark
• National Portrait Gallery - Canberra
• The Masterpiece by Philip Drew
• An Eye for Photography by Alan Davies
• Utzon and the Sydney Opera House by Philip Drew (Cover Photo)
• Building a Masterpiece: the Sydney Opera House edited by Anne Watson
• Architectural and various magazines
• Sydney Opera House Annual Report 2007
• Utzon Memorial Service at Sydney Opera House 2009
• Utzon Memorial Window at Mitchell Library